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Welcome to

Zygos Beauty's Professionals Program!

We proudly support industry professionals, including makeup artists, cosmetologists, beauty salon owners and licensed beauty professionals, by offering exclusive discounts on our luxury end products.

Step 1

Ensure you are a licensed/certified/working professional in the beauty industry.

Step 2

Fill in the form below or send email with subject “PRO MUA” and following details:

  • Your full name
  • Proof of professional license or certification if any.
  • Any additional relevant credentials (social media profile, ID cards, website or anything where we can verify you as a professional)

step 3

Based on all the documents that you share, your eligibility will be verified. Upon confirmation of your eligibility, a distinct discount code will be promptly dispatched to your email address.

Step 4

Use your discount code at checkout to enjoy special discounts on your Zygos Beauty purchases.